Secure payment with SSL protocol, Paypal or SystemPay

About these services:;

To guarantee a bank transaction in the best conditions of security and privacy , we offer two methods  of secure payment:

-  Paypal payment with your Paypal account or a credit card.

-  SystemPay,  secure solution for remote payment by credit cards  from the bank Banque Populaire Rives de Paris.

Choose your method of payment after confirmation of your order and in the case of a credit card payment choose a method of payment (Paypal ou SystemPay).

- Visa cards, Mastercard, Maestro cards as well as virtual cards  are accepted by SystemPay.  
- MasterCard, Visa cards, Aurore, VPay cards, Cofinoga / Privilège, Cofidis 4 étoiles,  American Express, Discover et Maestro cards are accepted by Paypal payment method. 
The credit cards owner has to be the same as the  PayPal account owner.

After entering the number of your credit card and its date of expiry , your payment is recorded directly on the PayPal site or Systempay platform in encrypted mode through the SSL encryption protocol ( At no time we have access to your bank account details which remain strictly confidential ) .

With Systempay , for more security , you are prompted for authentication by the 3-D Secure systel . If you do not have the little blue terminal of Banque Populaire , choose below the option "I do not have this solution to identify and want an other way to authenticate ". You will receive your identification code via SMS on your mobile phone.

After verification and approval of your payment by Paypal or SystemPay,  a transaction number confirming its successful implementation is communicated to you. After that,  you will be redirected to the shop
In the following seconds , you will receive an email confirming that your payment is accepted , followed by an email confirming your order, with  your invoice attached, to the email address you provided when opening your account.

These payment methods have been chosen to avoid fraud and ensure maximum security. The order validated by the customer will be considered effective only when the payment centers concerned have given their agreement.

In case of refusal , the order will be canceled and the customer notified by email.

Moreover, EYRO reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute.

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